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Wisdom Teeth Aren't That Clever

cleft lip and palate patient after wisdom teeth removal

In summer 2015, I was expecting to have my jaw surgery, but, unfortunately, I was told there were a few obstacles in my way that meant I would have to wait until December.

One of those hurdles was my wisdom teeth. It’s not unusual for wisdom teeth to be taken out, however this usually happens when they have started to become a problem for someone. Mine on the other hand were flagged on an x-ray. They were still in the gum, but the senior orthodontic consultant treating me and my maxillofacial (jaw) surgeon decided that it wasn’t worth the risk that my wisdom teeth might come through and disrupt my jaw/teeth/bite alignment.

To sort this out, I had a day surgery where my maxillofacial surgeon took the teeth out. I was a bit sore afterwards and had soft food that night and the next day, but it really wasn’t that bad considering I’d had to have an anaesthetic and had the gum opened to get the teeth out. Although it was very frustrating to find out I had to have another operation to get me ready for a different one, it was definitely worth it so that I don’t have any worries about wisdom teeth ruining my bite.


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