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Redefining Plastic Surgery

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

January 2018 | Elaine Loke

Interview with Elaine Loke, Student Journalist 2018, Centre for Journalism at the University of Kent for her online news package, “Redefining plastic surgery: How does a surgical speciality commonly perceived for beauty enhancement save lives?”


Last January, Elaine, a student journalist at the University of Kent, came across my website whilst researching her masters’ final year project. She wanted to talk to people who’d had plastic surgery for reconstructive purposes and debunk some of the stigmas surrounding plastic surgery as ‘purely cosmetic’ and ‘unnecessary’.

We had a great afternoon chatting about the importance of plastic surgery and how it can really change, and, in some cases, save lives. I spoke to her primarily about my treatment journey, but we also touched on my internal transformation and my passion for advocating a world without prejudices.

You can watch some clips from the interview and read her full article here:

Picture from Elaine Loke’s interview footage


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