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Adolescent Psychology Support Day

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

29.03.2019 | Cleft Net East at Addenbrooke's Hospital | Discussion facilitator

A psychology support day for a small group of teenage cleft patients. I was invited to share my story with the group to inspire and encourage them. My content focused on patient journeys, including treatment complications, patient-doctor communication and psychological well-being.

This was a wonderful opportunity for me to chat directly with cleft patients. It was amazing to give them the advice I wish I’d had and to see how similar (and different) our treatment journeys had been.

My content covered:

> a brief overview of my cleft treatment journey (from birth to present day).

> a discussion surrounding the psychological aspects of cleft lip and palate - both in and outside the appointment room.

> an exploration of how to feel empowered in appointments and techniques for making sure your voice is heard.

> how social media can create unnecessary additional pressures on cleft patients (or those with facial differences) and the need for wider representation and education to reduce prejudice (which can feed low levels of self-esteem).

Psychologists leading the session:

Wiki Tay (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)

Rebecca Gammage (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)

Ellie Wells (Clinical Psychologist, Observer)

If you have an opportunity coming up that you think might benefit from a ‘patient perspective’ talk, please feel free to email me at


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