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Cleft Corner: What You Look Like Matters – be proud of who you are inside AND out

Updated: Oct 25, 2020


Real patient story of living with a cleft lip and palate

I was recently asked to write a short article for Cleft Corner. Cleft Corner is a fantastic website offering support for those with or affected by cleft lip and palate. Please check out it out here:

Below are a few snippets, but you can read the complete article here:

"I know people say the way you look doesn’t matter, it’s what’s inside that counts, but this feels like quite a harmful way of looking at yourself and others. Yes, we should NEVER judge someone on their appearance, but to say it doesn’t matter means a clear part of someone doesn’t matter. To me, this feels wrong, especially in our world that places a lot (albeit far too much) focus on appearance."

"Your appearance shows who you are, how you were born, what you’ve been through and how beautiful you are. Beauty is such a slippery social concept and it is often used incredibly negatively."

"If you are a beautiful person, you will look beautiful inside AND out. Beauty is so often used to describe images that make others feel inadequate or ashamed – this surely should make them some of the ugliest pictures out there. I’m proud of my appearance, my scars and my differences. They show people who I am and what I’ve been through to become the stronger person I am today. Without my cleft, I wouldn’t have found my inner strength, self-love, self-acceptance and self-confidence."


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